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A Brief History of Time
A Brief History of Time
Born Into Brothels: Calcuttas Red Light Kids
Born Into Brothels: Calcuttas Red Light Kids
The Corporation
The Corporation
Hoop Dreams
Hoop Dreams

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Last 20 Documentaries Comments :

this is a really good documentary Overview "O"
Looks more like propaganda. Does Edgar Mitchel oppose Monsanto……….. probably NOT.
this is a really good Apollo Zero "A"
Looking forward to your next documentary. How about something on why the earth is flat
this is a really good UFOs - can we belive in it? "U"
399794 194510This website is often a walk-through like the info you wanted in regards to this and didn
Wikileaks: How the United States Government Runs the World Wikileaks: How the United States Government Runs the World "W"
210296 68656His or her shape of unrealistic tats were initially threatening. Lindsay utilized gun initial basic, whereas this girl snuck outside by printer ink dog pen. I used completely certain the all truly on the shade, with the tattoo can be taken from the body shape. make an own temporary tattoo 349004
Very good documentary Upgrade Me "U"
ipod wasn't the first mp3 player no way i had a mp3 player way before apple mp3 came out but they were like 256mb and above
this is a really good documentary Upgrade Me "U"
I admire the woman living in the forest. I wish I could be as resourceful as she. I wonder who her friends are though. Do they just drop by unexpectedly? I suppose they would have to since she doesn't own a phone. It's a shame the presenter was freaked out by her lifestyle. I wish he spent more time asking her how she lives.
Good prescreen Upgrade Me "U"
Not that great, lots of contradiction and no real documentation qualities on a tired subject.
this is a really good documentary Passport To Pluto "P"
The statement that "the vast majority of astronomers decided Pluto is no longer a planet is patently false. Only four percent of the IAU voted on the controversial demotion, and most are not planetary scientists. Their decision was immediately opposed in a formal petition by hundreds of professional astronomers led by Dr. Alan Stern, Principal Investigator of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto. One reason the IAU definition makes no sense is it says dwarf planets are not planets at all! That is like saying a grizzly bear is not a bear, and it is inconsistent with the use of the term “dwarf” in astronomy, where dwarf stars are still stars, and dwarf galaxies are still galaxies. Also, the IAU definition classifies objects solely by where they are while ignoring what they are. If Earth were in Pluto’s orbit, according to the IAU definition, it would not be a planet either. A definition that takes the same object and makes it a planet in one location and not a planet in another is essentially useless. Pluto is a planet because it is spherical, meaning it is large enough to be pulled into a round shape by its own gravity–a state known as hydrostatic equilibrium and characteristic of planets, not of shapeless asteroids held together by chemical bonds. These reasons are why many astronomers, lay people, and educators are either ignoring the demotion entirely or working to get it overturned.
Passport To Pluto Passport To Pluto "P"
Been there, done that.
Passport To Pluto Passport To Pluto "P"
Giving it alot of thought, it does actually make sense when I think about it more and more. Over the years, especially the last few months, I've come to notice how strongly people refuse to let go of certain things, most people probably just don't want to give up their old ways of thinking which I think is what the issue is for me.
Such refusals throughout history have shown only bad consequences, religion being a prime example.
Taking this into consideration I think I can really agree with the decision. Strange I should realise that by arguing against it :/
this is a really good prescreen Passport To Pluto "P"
You say :"The only reason this works is because they've changed the definition of planet to suit their needs."
Nice Passport To Pluto "P"
I didn't say you mentioned the orbit, if you look closer you will see I stated that it was a point I mentioned.
You can say in a sense I can't comprehend it, I know exactly what you're talking about but I can't comprehend the rationality, or therefore lack of, in the made decision.
The only reason this works is because they've changed the definition of planet to suit their needs.
This is a documentary site so I don't particularly want to argue with you but we aren't going to be agreeing here so we may aswell leave it.
You seem intelligent enough so I can't imagine it but see it as you've won if you want.
Passport To Pluto Passport To Pluto "P"
I fully second this Haricots.
Passport To Pluto Passport To Pluto "P"
I said nothing about the form of the orbit, just how much junk is accompanying them in their orbit.
Pluto is in the Kuiper Belt along with other dwarf planets such as Haumea and Makemake. So in no way does it gravitationally dominate its orbit.
There is no clear reason why Pluto would be a planet and not other objects in the Kuiper Belt. Pluto is just another object in this very crowded orbit. No planet is in this situation, they all dominate their orbit with no other objects (moons not included) relative in size to them.
Nice documentary Passport To Pluto "P"
Haricots what are you talking about, firstly I wasn't joking at all and secondly it has the same fundamental principles of any other planet in our solar system barring a round orbit.
It houses it's own satellites and is in a clear orbit around a star, this makes it a planet and the satellites moons, it is a rediculous notion that simply because people can't comprehend the amount of them they decide they are lesser planets due to their "size".
May I add also to the point of a non-round orbit I mentioned, many 'super' gas giants in different solar systems within our own galaxy have ovular orbits but this doesn't mean they are any less planet-like.
If we found a planet with a moon in the asteroid belt (purely example only) would we decide, because it's surrounded by similar sized debris, that it isn't a planet? I'd hope not.
very too good documentary Passport To Pluto "P"
That was some harsh words DK McGreeb.
I'm almost tempted to assume that you were joking.
Passport To Pluto Passport To Pluto "P"
To declassify Pluto and Charon as a planet with a moon is rediculous, especially with it actually having atleast 3 moons through recent data. I was very disappointed when it was officially 'downgraded' but to see here that they are classed as ice dwarves which are classes as dwarf planets I take small consolation in the sense they are still somewhat recognised as planets. Still, though, it is a crying shame they have been defiled by idiocracy, it's as if even the mighty depths of space are ruined by humans. Ignoramous 'scientists' should have no part in planetary matters, only the most logical and skilled should be allowed into this profession.
was a really good Passport To Pluto "P"
>Pluto and its giant moon Sharon
Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity "R"
"curious about how you would deal with a possibility that God just might exist"
Nice documentary Ray Kurzweil’s Singularity "R"
I'm just reading through the other comments here, (and someone please correct me if I am wrong on this), but Deryl, I believe ALL living things have "hundreds of chemicals within their body that must work together" From monkeys to mushrooms, and yes, even we that are merely human, and nothing more.
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